Community Health Network | Indianapolis, IN
Community Hospital East

The Community Hospital East (CHE) Reinvestment project was designed to promote the healing environment from an interior and exterior design perspective through a new state-of-the-art healthcare facility on the existing CHE campus.  Elements ranging from facility access, location and adjacent uses, to the materials and colors, all aid in supporting a therapeutic culture in a designed healthcare facility that is focused on the surrounding community.

The CHE Reinvestment Project had to overcome a variety of construction phasing, utility relocation, infrastructure upgrades, parking and traffic control logistics, all while providing continual healthcare service to the community.  Close coordination with the city was required to improve parking, roads, sewers in the area and to obtain the necessary permitting approvals to support the overall project schedule.

Separating various traffic types around the hospital, including:  ambulance, visitor, emergency, employee, main entry, delivery and physician, was crucial to improving site circulation and way-finding.

Size: 269,000 SF
Construction Cost: $175 Million
Completion Date: May 2019 (Est.)