University of Notre Dame | Notre Dame, IN
McCourtney Hall of Molecular Science and Engineering & East Quadrangle

The McCourtney Hall and East Quadrangle projects are separate projects that complement each other on the Notre Dame campus. Consideration of the other project was integral to the successful design and implementation of each project.

In addition to anchoring the new quad, McCourtney Hall will begin the formation of an internal courtyard shared by future research buildings. As the first of these new buildings, temporary and long-term solutions for building parking and service areas were designed. Bulk gas tanks and service space are laid out for future shared use with new lab buildings. Lower levels receive daylight through light wells created with innovative site grading. A public “knuckle” space was enhanced with patio and site features and space to accommodate bicycle parking.

The new East Quad complements the character of the existing campus and unifying surrounding architecture. Large open lawn areas are crossed with a limited amount of sidewalks to provide maximum space for recreation and to cultivate the pastoral look that defines Notre Dame’s campus today.

Site grading and drainage ensures the quad functions alongside the existing campus while minimizing certain view and enhancing others. Utility relocations accommodate many current and future building projects.

Size: 200,000 SF
Construction Cost: $ 60 Million
Completion Date: August 2016

Size: 71,400 SF
Construction Cost: $ 20.8 Million
Completion Date: September 2016